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Who is the Tropical Snowman?


I would love to condense my travel experiences in all 6 continents into a Ski Chalet. You are welcome to share my home here in this beautiful region of the French Alps. If you wish, My team and I will be delighted to show you and your family/guests the alpine pursuits and lifestyle. The way it had enthralled us .

But first, I believe you would like to know more about me? 

Raised in the sweltering heat of Malaysia, I saw my first snow when I was age 15 in Zermatt, Switzerland.

I followed a not-so conventional path when I left the warmer climates to study in the UK at the age of 17. From applying to read Medicine in university until eventually graduating with a BSc. in Economics from UCL, there have been many (mis)adventures during my years in further education. I have always turned to an active lifestyle as a remedy to homesickness. Since I was a kid, I have always been a great fan of badminton and football and carried on these interest to the UK. However, it was only in my late formative years in 2005, I discovered the ultimate joy of skiing.

Little that I know that the alpine lifestyle will have such a profound effect on me. Being raised in a relatively small town of Ipoh in Malaysia, I was always accustomed to wide open spaces. I have always preferred the mountains over beaches. There is an old Chinese proverb that says: ‘the higher you ascend, the further you will see’. I have always been drawn to climbing mountains in my youth. However, it was my first brush with the delirium of skiing down a quiet ski piste, surrounded by breathtaking scenery on a sunny day that shaped the Tropical Snowman of today.

As I graduated from university, I spent 5 rewarding, yet unremarkable years with an investment bank in London. I always struggled to find enough annual holiday to ski and visit family in Asia. Like most people in a corporate job, I needed to escape and go on spontaneous holidays when it gets too much at work. For me, it almost feels like vicious cycle of getting my paycheck and then spending it all on outdoor holidays at every opportunity, just to satiate my desire for wide open spaces.

I have been skiing for 10 years, visited France, Austria, Switzerland and gained valuable knowledge and experience that I wish to share with all my guests. From how to wear your ski boots, navigate the multitude of ski pistes on an icy map, board the chairlift etc. I have plenty of stories to share and would be delighted to do so, especially to all my pals in the tropics who might find the whole idea of gliding downhill with two sticks attached to your feet a little intimidating.

I believe there is nothing more heartwarming than having close friends and family cosying up around a warm fire, sharing tales of the wonderful scenery seen and spectacular falls on the snow at the end of a fulfilling skiing day.

Tropical Snowman would love for you to experience this at our Chalet Reunir, which incidentally, is french for ‘to unite’.

Write to me if you want to know more!

Bis x